August 23-25th, 2019

Over the years, once the snow has melted and the lifts have stopped running, we have fallen in love with trails winding their way off Lost Trail Pass and down into the North Fork of the Salmon, over into the Big Hole, and especially the collection of trails dropping off Warm Springs Ridge into the East Fork of the Bitterroot. 18 to 20 miles and 4000 vertical feet of giggle inducing, smile generating downhill along with a few lung busting climbs to keep you honest.

We have always wondered how many of the trails we could do in one day if we had shuttle Bobs and Bettys to relieve us of the hassles of retrieving and dropping off vehicles. Maybe a visit to Overwhich Falls followed by the switchbacks of Fire Creek, or down Porcupine to Two Good cabin, or perhaps we should stay on the ridge crest and enjoy the views of the Bittterroots, Beaverheads, and Pintlers. Thus the origin of the Lost Trail Bike Fest & Shuttle Extravagnza was born.

Sounds like fun. We thought so. Throw in some camping. How about a band? Maybe a projector with movies on the side of lodge, like a backwoods drive in? Add in some beer and some grub. Sounds even better now.