August 23-25th, 2019

Do you accept credit cards at the event?

No. There is not reliable internet service at the ski area. Cash preferred.

What meals are included?

There is a BBQ Saturday night that is included in the price of your ticket. There will be other food to purchase Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

Where else can I get food?

In addition to purchasing food on site, there are several good restaurants within 30 miles. Some of our favorites are Little Blue Joint in Darby, Broken Arrow in Gibbonsville, North Fork Cafe and store, The Crossing in Wisdom 25 miles, Sula 13 miles, Gibbonsville 15. Darby 30, North Fork 30, Wisdom 30. There are also the Naughty Moose and Rocky Knob around 20-25 miles.

What are the shuttle hours?

10am to 6:30pm on Saturday

I am a beginner, can I still ride?

Yes, we have a new option this year that takes you from the top of Lost Trail Pass, across the highway from the ski area, and you can ride scenic forest service roads for 16 miles with an elevation loss of 3000 feet. The shuttle will pick you up at the bottom.

Where can I camp?

You can park an RV in the Lost Trail Parking lot or pitch a tent around the Lodge area.

What beer will be on hand?

We will have the best beer from the Bitterroot available for sale, first beer free for riders.

What if I wreck?

Don't, but if you do and are not injured you will have to walk out. If you are injured, we will have Search and Rescue and others help you, but it could be a long wait and/or trip out.

What if I get a flat?

This is backcountry riding. It is a long walk out if you have a mechanical and there are no bailing points. Bring everything you might need to get you and your bike home including food, water, emergency clothing, tube, pump, tools. Some people also bring spare derailleurs, quick links for chains, lube, first aid kits. Use your best judgement and ride with a friend or two.

Who does this benefit?

Monies collected go to cover expenses, which include a band, food, cool T-shirts, shuttle service and facilities. Any money left over will benefit the Lost Trail Ski Patrol, Ravalli Search and Rescue, Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists, and Salmon Idaho Mountain Bike Association.