August 23-25th, 2019

All trails start by an easy 2 mile ride up to the top the Lost Trail Ski area on a well maintained forest service road. Once on top, you have 4 options.

Options 1 – 3 start with a long ride on top of Warm Springs Ridge, splitting off for 3 different descents along the way. Option 4 drops off the forest service road right behind Saddle Mountain.

1. Warm Springs Trail is an intermediate trail and the most direct and shortest at 18 miles. It also has no real road riding to get to the shuttle pickup. It has great views, and also has the most climbing of all the options with a few knobs to get the heart and lungs working.

2. Fire Creek Trail is an advanced intermediate trail and may be the most popular downhill option, famous for numerous tight switchbacks. This option is a little longer at 21 miles and follows the Warm Springs Trail for about 5 miles before splitting off and dropping into Warm Springs Creek canyon. The single track ends at Crazy Creek campground and then there is a quick 4 miles of dirt road to get back to the shuttle.

3. Porcupine Creek Trail is another intermediate trail, about 21 miles and might be the easiest option since it skips most of the climbing. The trail is a fun downhill, again with a number of switchbacks that deposits you at Two Good Cabin for a pleasant ride along Warm Springs Creek with a few creek crossing, some meadows at the start, and the occasional root or rock on the way out, before the 4 miles dirt road back to the shuttle.

4. Overwhich FallsTrail is for expert riders only and about 21 miles also. Once you leave the forest service road, a fast descent down Colter Creek leaves you way back in the boonies of upper Overwhich Creek. Riding through the meadows you will hear and eventually see glimpses of the hidden and impressive Overwhich Falls. After climbing through a scree field, you are rewarded with a challenging technical downhill to Warm Springs Creek just past Two Good Cabin.

This event is authorized under a special use permit to take place in the Bitterroot National Forest.